Products - Motan Colortronic (Germany)

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Motan Colortronic is a global supplier of bulk material handling. With this principal, BSL Technologies is able to offer a broad product range across a complete spectrum of applications in the areas of dosing, mixing, drying, crystallizing and conveying of granules, powder and liquids.

Storage Line

Profitability starts with well organised material storage from small 50 kg wheelie bins up to large 150 tonnes outdoor silos.

Drying Line

Correctly dried material is critical to the production process. Fundamental to Motan's equipment is efficient drying to just the right point with built-in energy savings.

Blending Line

Compounded material is expensive but guarantees good results. To be profitable, blending needs to be done in-house. Accuracy and consistency of the blend are the key factors in determining product quality.

Conveying Line

Automatic vacuum conveying protects the integrity of the material, eliminates waste and improves the cost effectiveness of the factory.

Control Line

Effective operation, control and monitoring of the materials handling system is essential for the ultimate efficiency of the production process.